Profit First for Lawyers

Profit First for Lawyers

Who Is Your Firm’s Ideal Market?

August 22, 2023

We’re joined by a familiar face, Tami Cumpston is back! She updates us on the project she is managing, why she chose this particular project, and what excites her about it. We think Profit First For Lawyers listeners will be especially excited to hear her big news.

We also get an update on the launch of the Profit First For Lawyers book which will be in book stores on August 28th.

RJon in the Studio

Tami brings a clip she selected of RJon discussing money objections. In the clip, RJon emphasizes the importance of knowing who your business is meant to serve. For example, his business is not built for the lowest price, but for delivering premium service and results.  He elaborates on this further with a comparison of a Volkswagen to a Rolls-Royce. There are markets for both.  

Tami relates this to her hospitality background – at the private club she worked at, they focused on service and value over being everything for everyone. She aligns with RJon’s approach of identifying ideal clients.

Profit First Q&A Part 2

RJon answers the second part of listener Erik J. Olson’s Profit First question. RJon explains how he incorporates profit and tax allocations right into his budget like any other line item. 

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And most importantly, order your copy of the Profit First For Lawyers book today.

Your future self will thank you!