Carol's Last Christmas on Radio Misfits

Carol's Last Christmas on Radio Misfits

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Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep2: Cold Case Heat
December 22, 2022

There may be no one (outside of Carols family) more dedicated to a solution than George Seibel. The retired Chicago cop has solved hundreds of murders, created college courses on cold case solutions and literally wrote the book on interrogation techniq

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep1: Mr. Green Jeans
December 15, 2022

What are the odds that the same young college student could be attacked twice on the same campus, at essentially the same location?In this opening episode, Mr. Green Jeans, we meet Carol Rofstad, an ambitious, confident and hard -working college junior

Carol’s Last Christmas – Proof of Perfomance, TEASER
November 18, 2022

George Seibel is no stranger to cold cases, listen to find out why and subscribe now to Carol's Last Christmas on all major platforms so you don't miss a thing. Coming in early December to the Radio Misfits Podcast Network.

Carol’s Last Christmas – Teaser
November 10, 2022

Coming soon to the Radio Misfits Podcast Network, subscribe now on your favorite platform so you don't miss a thing!Just 48 hours before Christmas, 1975, 21 year old Carol Rofstad was bludgeoned and left for dead on the lawn of the Delta Zeta sorority h