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Carol's Last Christmas on Radio Misfits

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Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep13: She was my buddy
November 30, 2023

An ISU alum plugged in to campus politics has remarkable recall of 1975 and the events before and after Carols murder. Hes kept a detailed scrapbook with names, dates and facts. He also had personal run-ins with one of the principal suspects. And we hea

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep12: I thought somebody told you
November 16, 2023

The Genuine Human Team uncovers a series of attacks on women in and around. Fell Street in the mid to late 70s. Some of the cases bear a striking similarity to Carols. Not a single one has been solved. [EP12]

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep11: I’ll take a Polygraph Tomorrow
April 20, 2023

In this episode we hear directly from the ISU professor who used the murder weapon as a teaching tool. Did he know that the case was still open? And to say that theres a surprise ending is an understatement. Have we solved the case .Well let our listene

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep10: Where Do We Go From Here?
April 13, 2023

Front page coverage of Carol's Last Christmas in the Suburban Chicago Daily Herald and Bloomington/Normal Pantagraph has led to some exciting new leads. And the Genuine Human team has jumped on them. In this episode, we learn more about one of the Tennes

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep9: EPILOGUE
February 09, 2023

Carol Rofstads memory is vivid among those who knew and loved her. But does the current ISU community care? Has law enforcement given up? In Episode 9, epilogue, we look at a subsequent case that would disgrace the Normal police department. And the trou

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep8: That Would Be Harassment
February 02, 2023

In this episode, the Genuine Human Team reviews their scorecards. What are the strongest leads, dead ends? What could be making law enforcement skittish about having certain conversations. In a nearly 50 year old cold case, a 50 thousand foot view can be

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep7: The Rear View Mirror
January 26, 2023

More than 18 months into our investigation, a new name surfaced. Somebody who knew our prime suspect perhaps better than anyone at ISU. What made him tick? What could make him explode? In episode 7, The Rear View Mirror, this “source” recalls key moments

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep6: Did Somebody Say DNA?
January 19, 2023

In 1975, there were fingerprints. Thats about it. No one anticipated the sophisticated forensic techniques unlocked by DNA analysis. There have been questions through the years about DNA in the Rofstad case. So was there DNA testing? On what evidence? It

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep5: A Convenient Confession
January 12, 2023

In 1977, there was a blockbuster break in the caseor so it seemed. First a confession, then an arrest (without a grand jury or indictment) and a man would spend 3 years in custody for killing Carol. What would become of this Convenient Confession? And w

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep4: Where’s the Weapon?
January 05, 2023

Was it a railroad tie? A log? A 2X4? And what happened to the object used to bludgeon Carol on that cold December night? In Episode 4, Wheres the Weapon?, the team tracks down a true smoking gun. The shock of the truth leaves family and friends speechles