Make it Inevitable

Make it Inevitable

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The Power (and Importance) of Valuing Honesty Over Comfort
July 11, 2023

Telling the truth is the most loving thing we can do. In this episode, I discuss the power and importance of valuing honesty over comfort. This is about choosing truth, transparency, and alignment o

Why You’re Struggling to Change and How to Repattern Your Habits
July 04, 2023

You can engineer a new habit and way of being. In this episode, Im talking about why we struggle to change at times and how we can repattern the habits that keep what we want perpetually out of rea

Expecting vs. Worrying and How to Be Prepared for Life’s Challenges
June 27, 2023

We cant avoid whats hard and what hurts, not when it comes to making the impossible happen. In this episode, Im talking about the difference between expectation vs. worrying and how to prepare fo

Releasing Hyper-Independence from Trauma and Softening Into Support
June 20, 2023

Hyper-independence is rooted in unresolved trauma. In this episode, Im talking about releasing hyper-independence from trauma and softening into support so you can receive everything wonderful that

The Three Critical Components for Cultivating Confidence in Yourself
June 13, 2023

We have to push our edges and build trust in ourselves. In this episode, Im talking about three critical components for cultivating more confidence, something most people want (and need) more of. C

The Energetics of Rock Bottoms and How to Grow Through Them
June 06, 2023

Rock bottom experiences shake our foundation and our sense of self-worth. In this episode, Im talking about the energetics of rock bottoms and how to grow through them without bypassing the difficu

Three Strategies for Eliminating All Obstacles Between You and Your Goals
May 30, 2023

We have to be willing to look at whats happening clearly, not our stories. In this episode, Im sharing three strategies for eliminating all obstacles between you and your goals based on the three

Energy is Precious and Energetics are Everything During Evolutions
May 23, 2023

We cant hold the energetics that we need to hold by living this process if our energy is not where it needs to be. In this episode, Im talking about how energy is precious and energetics are every

When Losing Yourself is a Good Thing, and How to Allow it to Unfold
May 16, 2023

We have to be willing to lose our sense of self, our way of being that has gotten us this far. In this episode, Im talking about when losing ourselves is a good thing and how we can allow that proc

Cultivating Space for Creativity and Evolution by Quitting Social Media
May 09, 2023

Best thing I could have done as a creative and a leader. In this episode, Im sharing why I (finally!) decided to leave social media and how thats positively impacted my creativity and ability to e