Make it Inevitable

Make it Inevitable

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Setting Boundaries: Not Everyone Deserves Access to You or Your Life
September 26, 2023

Boundaries are a way that we love and respect other people and ourselves simultaneously. In this episode, I discuss setting boundaries and how not everyone deserves access to you or your life. Many

Navigating the Unsettling Space Between No Longer and Not Yet
September 19, 2023

Weve crossed the threshold, and theres no going back from here. In this episode, Im talking about crossing the threshold and entering liminal space: that magical and terrifying pocket between no

Reorienting to Yourself and the Constant Evolution of Becoming
September 12, 2023

As we clear things on a cellular level, we become a new and different person who is no longer carrying that old trauma. In this episode, Im talking about the process of reorienting to yourself and

Using Judgment and Envy to Create More of What We Want
September 05, 2023

We are limiting whats possible for us through our judgments of how others should be. In this episode, Im talking about how judgment and envy can support us in making our impossible visions a reali

Honey Badger Phase: Honoring Your Needs With Kindness and Care
August 29, 2023

You cannot be bending backward trying to be chosen. In this episode, Im talking about the honey badger phase and how we can honor our needs with grace and kindness because its essential to start p

Harnessing Self-Awareness for Greater Adaptability and Growth
August 22, 2023

We all want to feel seen and heard and understood; you need to be that for yourself first. In this episode, Im talking about the power of self-awareness and how we can harness it for greater growth

The Place of Both: Learning to Hold Life’s Duality for Greater Expansion
August 15, 2023

When we learn to hold both, we expand our capacity to feel. In this episode, Im talking about the power of holding all of lifes duality and how that allows us to heal, grow, and experience the ric

Using Words Differently: How Intention Influences Our Experiences
August 08, 2023

Its not the word that will impact our reality; its our energy. In this episode, Im talking about how we can use words differently, understanding that intention influences our experience, not the

Learning to Live from the Space of All Possibility and Ultimate Choice
August 01, 2023

Ultimate choice is necessary to actualize possibilities. In this episode, I discuss a concept that changed my life: living from the space of all possibility and ultimate choice. The space of all pos

The Balance Between Trusting the Timing and Accelerating the Process
July 25, 2023

Everything has a gestation period, and thats not up to us. In this episode, Im talking about the difference between trusting the timing of things and working to accelerate the process of bringing