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Episode 24: Spirituality and Neurodivergent Burnout
May 20, 2024

How does spirituality help keep burnout, especially neurodivergent burnout, in remission? And what are the three Ds of burnout and how can spirituality help them? Learn how dissonance, demands, and d

Episode 23: Similarities Between Neurodivergent Burnout and a Dark Night of the Soul
May 05, 2024

This weeks episode follows up on last weeks when I talked about what a dark night of the soul was and how it specifically applied to neurodivergent individuals. After a quick recap of what I mean wh

Episode 22: An Overview of the Dark Night of the Soul and Neurodivergence
April 28, 2024

Welcome to season 2 of the podcast. I am proud to announce were now distributed by the MuseCharmer Network. I believe well be appearing other places soon as well, so stay tuned! CW: This weeks epis

Episode 21 – Ending Season 1 With a Transition
April 21, 2024

Were ending our first season of the podcast with an explanation on a shift in focus. As you know theres been a break in the show, and I explained why that happened (life, college, disability, burnou

Episode 20: Ableism in the Guided Meditation Space, an Interview with Emma Barnes
July 04, 2023

In this interview Emma Barnes, we chat about the big problem of ableism in the meditation space (and we talk about yoga, too) and how the image of a thin, white, affluent person seeking just a little

Episode 19: Meditation, Tea, and an Interview with The Punk Rock Autistic
June 13, 2023

Todays episode brings together a conversation about tea ceremonies, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, yoga, and the love of autistic special interests in a discussion that hopefully changes the way yo

Episode 18: Rethinking Our Stories
May 30, 2023

What stories are you telling yourself? When you hear voices or narratives in your head talking about you, your choices, your life, whose voices are they? Where did they come from? One of the hardest a

Episode 17: Rekindling Yoga’s Power of Liberation
May 23, 2023

Liberation has been forgotten in the modern yoga movement, especially modern postural yoga, from which todays yoga studios, yoga teacher trainings, and yoga organizations have arisen. And yet, if we

Episode 16: Same Foods and Wellness
April 18, 2023

Todays show discusses same foods within the context of being neurodivergent and chronically ill. We discuss how food is trust and how same foods represent a trust with your body, which is vital to fe

Weight Loss Programs & Weight Stigma
April 04, 2023

Did you know you can now watch our podcasts on YouTube? Check it out and subscribe to our channel. The entire weight loss industry is built around two things: control and making money. Except our we