Rent To Retirement: Building Financial Independence Through Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Rent To Retirement: Building Financial Independence Through Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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Ep 149 - Fighting Through Hard Times & Where Appreciation Is Happening
February 10, 2023

Real estate is NOT a straight line to wealth. Bumps happen, and sometimes theyre big. But getting over those bumps and continuing on is how true wealth is achieved.dIn this world were in where we hear constant negativity in the news, Adam Schroeder fin

Ep 148 - Investing in Tokenized Real Estate | with Eric Martel
February 06, 2023

Tokens are the new hot thing in investingand potentially the future of investing. You hear about new coins being started constantly, and many of them are just fads that have no valuebehind them. Securitized tokens, however, are a different story.Eric M

Ep 147 - How to Get Ahead During Inflationary Times
February 02, 2023

Inflation is still relatively high, causing your money to be worth less and less every day. During times like these, what should you be considering doing with your money?Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster go over how your money is being treated in differen

Ep 146 - What Is An All In One Loan and How Can You Use it to Improve Your Real Estate Investing?
January 30, 2023

There are many different types of loans available for investors. Whether its conventional, DSCR, non-recourse, interest only, or any other type, one thing you rarely hear about is the All in One loan.Cori Zigman and Zach Lemaster talk with Harrison and

Ep 145 - Investing in Multifamily Properties: Metrics to Consider, Setting Up Management & Interesting Markets with Rama Krishna
January 26, 2023

For investors looking to invest in multifamily instead of single family, its a different journey. There are similarities, but a whole lot of differences as well.Adam Schroeder talks with Rama Krishna, Founder of Usha Capital Group, host of the podcast,

Ep 144 - What Is Rent Ready & Where's the Inventory?
January 23, 2023

Theres a difference between rent ready and retail ready, and knowing it will go a long way to making sure that youre buying a rental property thats going to make sense. Going overboard on finishes and materials will eat into your profits and could very

Ep 143 - How to Properly Manage a Mobile Home Park | with Open Door Capital's Sydney Barker
January 19, 2023

Mobile home parks are one of the asset classes that have boomed in popularity over the last 5 years or so. What was once an obscure investment has now become quite mainstream (at least among investors). Purchasing and managing those properties, howev

Ep 142 - Save Yourself Money & Sanity with a Yearly Walkthrough
January 16, 2023

Once your tenant is in place you have very little insight into whats going on at your investment property. Sure, youll hear when a maintenance request is put in, but whats going on outside of that request that might need your attention? How can you be

Ep 141 - 5 Crucial Team Members for Real Estate Success
January 12, 2023

Your real estate business needs employees. They may not be W-2 employees, but theyre people working for you nonetheless.Who are these people and how do you find them? Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster dive into just that topic today. Listen in as the two

Eep 140 - How Will You Succeed in 2023?
January 09, 2023

2022 is in the books. Did you achieve your real estate goals for the year or did something in the market scare you off (or make you wait because something better was RIGHT around the corner)?Adam Schroeder and Cori Zigman talk real estate goals for 2023: