Rent To Retirement: Building Financial Independence Through Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Rent To Retirement: Building Financial Independence Through Turnkey Real Estate Investing

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Using Blockchain for Real Estate Purchases with Natalia Karayaneva
April 13, 2022

Blockchain is probably the future for a lot of things in our society. Could real estate be one of them? Adam Schroeder talks with Propy founder and CEO Natalia Karayaneva about how they’re currently using blockchain technology to quickly close real estate

Why You Should Consider Investing in Kansas City
April 10, 2022

The Kansas City market has some very enticing returns. Low taxes and high rents make the cash flow one of the best of the markets we currently have properties in. Adam Schroeder talks with the local team leader about what makes KC such a good market for i

Higher Rates means Lower Prices...Right?
April 06, 2022

Higher Rates means Lower Prices... Right? It’s a widely held belief that higher interest rates must mean that home prices are decreasing. That thinking, however, might be flawed. Especially in the lower priced starter home sector. Adam Schroeder and Zach

What’s Happening in Cape Coral Today…and Why It Still Makes Sense to Invest
April 04, 2022

The Cape Coral market has seen a large runup in pricing and in rent over the last year. The city itself is being built out immensely, with people continuing to come to the area looking for housing. So has the ship sailed on getting into the investment mar

Building Generational Wealth As a Stay-at-Home Mom with Wendy Papasan
March 30, 2022

Real estate investing is a proven way to build generational wealth. Wendy Papasan, Co-Founder of the Papasan Properties Group, joins Adam Schroeder to discuss her real estate journey, beginning with her start as a stay-at-home mom. Wendy and Adam explore

Entry Level Homes & Rising Interest Rates
March 28, 2022

In the last 40 years we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of entry level homes being built. This rarity has led to our investment properties becoming a greater and greater commodity. Adam Schroeder takes the time to discuss just how much the const

The 4 Second Power Pitch & 5 Ways to Raise Other People's Money with Amy Mahjoory
March 23, 2022

Using other people’s money (OPM) is a fantastic way to scale your real estate business. DOING it, however, is daunting for most people. Adam Schroeder talks with Amy Mahjoory about her 4 second power pitch to entice potential investors, as well as the 5 w

Federal Reserve Raising Rates & What To Do With Low Appraisals
March 20, 2022

The Federal Reserve is finally about to start raising rates, so that means rates are going to climb even higher now…right? Adam Schroeder explores the idea that we are due for even higher interest rates just because what was already said is now coming to

Building Wealth One House at a Time with John Schaub
March 16, 2022

Sometimes people think of retiring with real estate as something they need 50-100 properties in order to accomplish. But, in reality, it’s not nearly that difficult. A select number of high performing properties can put you in an extremely good position t

The Importance of Diversification in Real Estate
March 13, 2022

When you talk to someone about investing in stocks, one of the first things any advisor will tell you is that you need to diversify. They’ll tell you that you need to be in tech, energy, bonds, CDs, and just about everything else in order to get a “well r