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43: Back to School Part 1
January 20, 2022

Brandon and Bill have a conversation about the education space and the current state of technology in education.

42: CrowdSec Revisited
January 06, 2022

Brandon sits down the Philippe Humeau the CEO of CrowdSec to talk about the current state of CrowdSec, the Roadmap, the Log4J mitigation, and how the community can help.

38: On the Edge of IT
November 11, 2021

Eric and Brandon look at Edge architecture, where it fits into a traditional infrastructure, what industries could take advantage of IT at the Edge, and what pitfalls this could bring.

37: Data Integration with Michel Tricot of Airbyte
October 28, 2021

Eric and Brandon chat with Michel Tricot, CEO and Co-Founder of Airbyte. Airbyte's mission is to create an open-source data integration platform.

36: Kubos, Managing Your Hardware in Space
October 14, 2021

Today we take you into a low orbit with Tyler Browder of the Kubos Corporation and how they utilize open source and cloud native to provide a smarter satellite management suite.

35: Busting Open Source Security Myths
September 30, 2021

Eric and Brandon sit down and look into some of the biggest security myths around Open Source software and one by one debunk them right on the show!

34: Growing Your Remote Team with Jasmine Tsai of Mux
September 16, 2021

In this episode of the Sudo Show, Eric and Brandon chat with Jasmine Tsai about her journey into technology. We discuss Mux where she is head of engineering and what it is like to build and grow a tea

33: Cassandra Database with Patrick McFadin
September 02, 2021

On this episode, we chat with Patrick McFadin. He is a technologist, member of the CNCF, author, and Vice President of Developer Relations at Datastax. We discuss the Cassandra Database, release 4.0,

32: Open Source Sustainability
August 19, 2021

Eric and Brandon jump and their soap box this episode to address the critical issues surrounding open source development, ongoing lifecycle management, securing the supply chain, and monetizing develo

31: Data Analytics and Startups with Rick Hall
August 05, 2021

Michael Tunnell from the Destination Linux Network joins Eric to talk to Rick Hall, a life-time entrepreneur and CEO of Aginity. We discuss data analytics and starting your own business.