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53: Multicloud Revisted
June 09, 2022

Chris Psaltis from returns to the show. Brandon and Chris have a quick discussion around Multicloud

52: Keeping it RHEL 9
May 26, 2022

Eric joins Brandon again this time to talk about the RHEL 9 release.

51: Giving What We Can
May 12, 2022

Brandon discusses his point of view on the subject of open source sustainablity and proposes we "give what we can" to open source projects we use and get value from.

50: Careers 2 - Tech Marketing with Eric
April 28, 2022

Eric comes back to the Sudo Show to talk about how he got to Technical Marketing and offers advice to those interested in the marketing field but want to stay technical.

49: Interview with Cycloid
April 14, 2022

Brandon sits down with Benjamin Brial to talk about Cycloid and the problems with DevOps

48: Putting Ops in DevOps
March 31, 2022

Neal comes back to have another discussion, this time focused on Ops. We went on a few tangents completely off-topic, but we had a ton of fun!

47: Putting Dev in DevOps
March 17, 2022

Neal comes back to to talk DevOps with Brandon. As usual when Neal and Brandon get together, they plan on a 20-30 minute discussion and it nearly goes on for an hour. I hope you enjoy, we weren't fi

46: Careers 1 - DevOps With Neal
March 03, 2022

Neal Gompa joins Brandon to talk about how he got his start and how he moved into DevOps

45: Back to School - Part 3
February 17, 2022

Brandon and Bill wrap up the series with our final thoughts and it is okay not to select the open source solution.

44: Back to School Part 2
February 03, 2022

Brandon and Bill discuss open source in schools specifically around end point devices and some networking solutions, basically keep it simple!