How to Get Loads of Marks

How to Get Loads of Marks

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EP 18: Philip Allin - Artificial Intelligence
May 15, 2023

In this episode Chris is joined by Philip Allin. Co-founder and CEO of Overtone. Overtone is a company that is training computers to evaluate the quality of online content. This means he is perfectly placed to talk about the most recent shift in "con

EP 17: Mike Gulvin - Adding Ethics
October 10, 2022

In this episode Mike Gulvin visits from Pearson College's Business Ethics course. We look at the extra steps needed to take an argument from descriptive to philosophical. Whether it be automotive design or organ harvesting, Chris and Mike discuss the way

EP 16: Cajiten D'Silva - An Economic Lens
September 22, 2022

Cajiten teaches a long list of topics at Pearson College, all focused around two main topics of economics and sustainability.  Our conversation covers everything from fixing world energy markets, to saving money on lasagne at the local Waitrose, to d

EP 15: Blayne Cooper - Summer Internships
June 20, 2022

Blayne is Head of Talent Development at Pearson College London. Leading our Workfit Programme, Guaranteed Internship Scheme and MBM Executive Coaching Programme. Alongside his leadership role Blayne teaches People Management and Leadership to Undergraduat

EP 14: Dr Richard Allen and Piers Veness - Last Mile Study Skills
May 17, 2022

Back by popular demand, Piers Veness returns to the virtual studio bring with him Richard Allen.  Piers and Richard are both part of the study skills team at Pearson College.  In this episode we talk a lot about the reasons WHY academic writing

EP 13: Dave Farley - Optimising for Learning in Complex Projects
March 09, 2022

Dave Farley  is co-author of the Jolt-award wining book - "Continuous Delivery", and more recently "Modern Software Engineering".  He is the host of the Continuous Delivery YouTube channel and an all round clever bloke.   In this episode Da

EP 12: Dr Roxanne Stockwell - How graduates get jobs
February 17, 2022

Dr Roxanne Stockwell is the Principal of Pearson College London (PCL), and responsible for its strategic direction and academic leadership.  Originally a graduate of the University of Sydney, she has worked as a corporate lawyer, in theatre managemen

Ep 11: Chris "The Librarian" Wares - How to get the most from your library
October 29, 2021

Chris Wares is the librarian at Pearson College.  In this conversation we cover what to read, how to find things to read, and how to get the most from your reading.  

Ep 10: Professor Phil Newton - Evidence based study skills
June 29, 2021

Professor Newton is the Director of Learning and Teaching for the Swansea University Medical School.Phil teaches Neuroscience across a variety of programmes. But he also teaches on evidence-based education as part of an online MSc in Medical Education. &

Ep 09: Iro Konstantinou - How to start a research project
January 18, 2021

Iro Konstantinou heads up research at Pearson College, as well as being heavily involved in research herself.  Personally she is also one of the people who helped me when I made the shift from business to teaching.  She is a master of research m