That Holistic Chick

That Holistic Chick

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The Humble Truth
May 26, 2021

Im BACK! Now every Tuesday here on POMH and today I have some announcements were diving into a new life series on cultivating positivity and general wellness.

Iodine & Thyroid (w Dr. Christianson)
January 15, 2021

Join this exclusive Iodine Complex series w renowned Dr. Christianson and get to the bottom of your thyroid issues!

A Message To Heal
January 10, 2021

I decided to dedicate the first episode of 2021 on a message of healing, unity, peace and love through words and music. Please enjoy and love all. Sascha Xx

My Holistic Holy Grail Beauty Regime (BONUS)
December 23, 2020

Lets talk hair, skin & body care! Today I answer all my most-asked questions abs sum it all up with some of my favorite products, brands, secrets and tricks!

How I Gained Back Power Over My Life (with Diet)
December 11, 2020

Dieting, eliminating certain foods & totally altering my life after contracting Chronic Lyme Disease was a journey & a half. But today I discuss a bit about the gifts, how you can do the same and regain power over your mind & body towards healing

The Self-Care Prescription
December 09, 2020

What Is Self-Care? Is it selfish? How do I do it? What are the misconceptions? Today, I dive into the true meaning of self-care, what I do and how to move forward from toxicity in your life!

The Beginning - Meet Sascha
June 24, 2020

Hello Humans. This is the part where you learn a little bit about your fumbling host, who I am, what I do and why all in 15 minutes!