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how to assert boundaries, make your worth known
September 30, 2023

Today I wanted to dive in a little bit into what it means to assert boundaries, how to do so with less consequence and what to do after. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there and sometimes don’t know where to start

how to get unstuck, daily motivation and self-care tips
September 19, 2023

the people have spoken and in a recent poll you wanted to dive into motivation and self-care tips! learn how to get out of that funk and boost your confidence

LymeSisters Live w Ashley Lynch
September 12, 2023

You know us! The LymeSisters are here to talk raw, real and unfiltered in this exclusive recording from a recent Instagram Live with featuring Ashley Lynch and I (aka the Lyme Sisters) where we did a Q&A. This was a particularly cathartic, fun & therapu

welcome, get to know me, tackling self doubt
September 12, 2023

I am so thrilled for the relaunch or my rebranded podcast That Holistic Chick. In this first episode I dive into a little bit about myself, my background and why Im here. I also wanted to highlight some ways to tackle self doubt and fear and how to pus

My Biological Dentistry Journey (One surgery changed everything)
December 01, 2021

Today I share a story about my journey with biological dentistry, how one experience changed my life, how to take control of your oral and overall health, and learn new groundbreaking methods to better yourself through my story and experience!

OCD Live w Special Guest Eva Amantea
November 19, 2021

Join Eva Amantea ( from @onthespoteva ) and I on the OCD series as we dove deep into the realities of living life with OCD, de-stigmatizing, supporting, spreading hope, awareness & encouragement!

The Hollywood Tales (Part I)
August 03, 2021

Today I spastically answer a few of the questions Im asked most about specific stories from my families life on the Hollywood scene!

Michael - The Man Behind The Music
June 25, 2021

12 years ago on this day the world lost of of the most incredible humans created. Today I want to answer your questions of how my family knew Jackson himself, the truth of who he was at the core, play some fun unreleased songs and share some beautiful sto

The Q&A Episode
June 22, 2021

After a recent poll on the blog you guys have spoken and Im doing my first random Q&A episode today!

Life With The Gift of Being HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
June 01, 2021

Today I want to introduce a side of myself and merely 20% of the worlds population. This rare beautiful character trait that is so misunderstood.