All of the things

All of the things

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Love is alive and well
September 16, 2023

A mini rant /reflection on the reaction to celeb break ups and how we might collectively let go of the notion that long lasting romantic relationships are still peak goals and look at how we can be open to all kinds of different love.

The rest rebellion
September 13, 2023

Long time no all of the things! Heres a little pod episode from bed where Im doing some deep reprogramming around the value in rest and musings on how we can make big change with little internal shifts around what we believe and where we place value and

The superwoman trope and all the things that aren’t “mothering”
June 14, 2023

Three separate things came to me in the past week that made me want to speak to this idea again of what mothering is and isnt and dismantling this idea that mothers a superhuman when we really need support and resources and to be truly seen and valued.

An invitation to rebel with ease
May 31, 2023

Lets take a few breaths and then get real on the part we play in setting the tone with our current tech based fast paced society and how we can find mini acts of rebellion through seeking out community, allowing space and nothingness into our own lives a

You need to hear this today
May 17, 2023

A mini love bomb

Day 2 of the final 30 aka finding sovereignty in simplicity
May 08, 2023

Day 2 of the final 30 musings on the idea of freedom.

The final 30 of my 30’s aka Permission to Pivot
May 08, 2023

A reflective rant on how Im feeling, reflections and revelations as I close out this last chapter of my 30s

Losing/Finding ourselves in motherhood.
April 24, 2023

Some musings on the concept or conception of getting lost in motherhood. How we can reframe internally but also the big shift that need to happen externally for it to happen.

Mothering in the age of information
April 24, 2023

Some musings on Mothering in this current age of information, the perks, the pits and why I think it feels so much harder.

How we value relationship
March 15, 2023

A little riff on the importance (spoiler - or lack thereof) of romantic relationships. And how we can shift into a more holistic approach to relationships. And a bunch of other random musings APU