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Episode 4: Amethyst Ganaway on the Baggage of "Southern" Food
July 30, 2020

Born and raised in North Charleston, S.C., Amethyst Ganaway has been working as a chef for more than 10 years, and she’s recently started sharing her knowledge as a food writer as well. On this episode, Amethyst and I talk about who decides what’s “South

Episode 3: Billy Ray on Being a Bartender with a Drinking Problem
July 10, 2020

Billy Ray got his start in bartending more than 20 years ago and has been one of the people at the forefront of the cocktail revival of the last couple decades. He started his own canned-cocktail-mixer company. He's helped create top cocktail programs in

Episode 2: Is Tiki Racist? with Mariah Kunkel
June 29, 2020

A rum drink in your hand, a pu-pu platter of fried delights in front of you, tropical music, fern wallpaper...what could be messy about tiki bars? More than you might think. My guest is Mariah Kunkel, a spirits marketing pro of indigenous Chamorro herita

Episode 1: Maggie Campbell on Exclusion in Booze
June 24, 2020

For The Messy Epicure's very first show ever(!), my guest is Maggie Campbell, rum distiller, all-around drinks expert and strong voice for the underrepresented in the drinks world. We talk about coming to grips with the history of slavery and colonization