Istorya Nu Ivatan

Istorya Nu Ivatan

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Coming Out of Quarantine, Together
April 07, 2022

With our islands opening up to visitors and tourists, we're taking a look at the recent surge of COVID cases in Batanes. We talk with Ivatans about the physical and emotional toll of the pandemic and

One Year of Istorya!
February 12, 2022

As we celebrate a year of stories, and get ready for a new season, we say thank you to all of our listeners for being a part of the podcast. On this brief episode, we hear from listeners in Batanes, Q

Back to Batanes: One Woman's Journey Home
May 06, 2021

For generations, Ivatans have travelled across the globe. We've been drawn to foreign lands by work, family or circumstances beyond our control. Some of us have returned. Others have put down roots fa

Celebrating Our Traditional Poetry
March 26, 2021

In honor of World Poetry Day, we celebrate our rich poetic tradition in Batanes, called Laji, with master singers, Melecio Alasco and the late Rosita Alavado.

Fighting Plastic Pollution in Batanes
February 19, 2021

Batanes is known as a natural paradise, but if you spend time at our beaches you know we face a big problem: plastic trash washing up on our shores. Join us to learn more about the province's new ban

BONUS: Pyesta!
January 28, 2021

Happy Pyesta, everyone! In this special episode, Dorian shares a poem inspired by our town celebration in Savidug.

Fighting COVID-19 in Batanes (Part 2)
December 23, 2020

Wishing all our listeners a safe and peaceful holiday! This week we continue our conversation with Dr. Noel Bernardo, former Municipal Health Officer for Sabtang and Doctor to the Barrios.

Fighting COVID-19 in Batanes (Part 1)
November 14, 2020

Nearly a year after the first coronavirus case hit the Philippines, Batanes has managed to avoid any local transmission of the disease. But lots of challenges remain. We sit down with Dr. Noel Bernard

Tik-tik Bato
August 01, 2020

Take a walk around Batanes these days and chances are you'll hear the sound of hammers crushing rocks into gravel. It's called tik-tik bato and with tourism shut down, lots of people aredoing it to e

July 18, 2020

After nearly four months, Batanes has lifted its travel ban to welcome home local residents who were stranded in Manila, or abroad. Our airport opened for flights, boats started transporting passenger