Don't Ask Me

Don't Ask Me

Latest Episodes

Makes No Sense At All
March 26, 2021

Oliver and Rich discuss Annabel, Hannah, and Sara - AKA The Sense. Annabel forgets her sticks, Sara has a tasty snack, and Hannah breaks a guitar. Along the way, Oliver demonstrates his drumming skill

March 19, 2021

Oliver and Rich discuss black metal, Eurovision, and Scandi-noir plot points. Oliver is reborn under the name Grammaticon, while Rich is either Hesitant or Confused. Probably both.

A Mezzanine For Cows
March 12, 2021

Oliver and Rich discuss the hazardous life of the farmhand, unlikely combinations, and eureka moments on ferries. Oliver flies high on a tsunami of slurry, while Rich is impressed by the girth of his

An Endless Cycle Of Copying Things
February 26, 2021

Oliver and Rich discuss work, working, and word salad. Oliver finds himself in the pay of Big Copy, while Rich leverages The Redskins to maximise ROI.

The Knights Before Christmas
December 23, 2020

Oliver and Rich are joined by James Knights to discuss the past, present, and future. Oliver sets a quiz, Rich has some colours, and James forgets to heat-up his mulled wine.

Hurry Up Harry
December 16, 2020

Oliver and Rich discuss pubs, bars, and boozers. Oliver embarks on a grand tour of Winchester watering holes while Rich just repeats the word 'Fulflood' over and over again.

Roughies & Toughies
December 09, 2020

Oliver and Rich discuss Gosports finest - The Time. Oliver hides behind the drum kit and Rich refuses to Google goat yoga.

The Tower Arts Centre
December 02, 2020

Oliver and Rich discuss The Tower Arts Centre. And thats about it, really. Oliver finds himself on the wrong side of a sliding door while Rich gets misty-eyed about the best job ever.

Nature, Nurture, or Nietzsche
November 25, 2020

Oliver and Rich discuss listener feedback, bands they can't remember, and a load of stuff about language learning. Oliver does a fine impression of both Hans and Lieselotte, and Rich has a problem see

009: Vegan Cats
November 18, 2020

Oliver and Rich discuss what they did during lockdown. Oliver gets attacked by Poppy and Rich keeps his clothes on at the lake.