Shit We Don't Tell Mom

Shit We Don't Tell Mom

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44. Turning Red: Nostalgia and Intergenerational Trauma (Season 3 Finale)
April 03, 2022

Toronto. Teenhood. Puberty. Friendships. Filial Piety. Emotions! The movie Turning Red is about a 13-year-old girl who is torn between her duties to walk down the path paved by her ancestors and her desire to find her own path. Kristy and Angie, both of w

43. How to Give Less F***s About Dating and Marriage & Find Your Own Happiness ft. Justine Ang Fonte
March 20, 2022

Justine shares stories of telling her Catholic Filipino parents about dating a black man, potentially not getting married, and potentially not having kids - even though she wants 4 of them. We explore why women tend to choose “fixer-uppers”, and why we ar

42. How Do We Know If We're Loveable?
March 06, 2022

Are we loveable? Insecurities can stem from so many different sources but how do we manage them and prevent them from ruining our current and future relationships? We dive into our experiences with our past and figure out how to notice our triggers and re

41. Living a Secret Double Life w/o Mom Knowing ft. Carole Yue
February 20, 2022

English teacher by day, gogo dancer by night. Mom doesn’t know about Carole’s double life. We discuss (rant) how we deal with nagging mothers, life as a gogo-dancer, struggling with body image, and how to make hard life decisions. "No one is really l

40. Hanging Out With Your Inner Child
February 06, 2022

Inner child. Trauma. Reparenting. The Little Prince. In this episode, we sit down to talk about the first time that we confronted our inner child and how we rekindled that relationship. We dive into our definition of inner child and how we practice hangin

39. Using Witchcraft to Connect with Our Chinese Ancestry ft. Mimi Young
January 23, 2022

Mimi Young is a spirit communicator. She left the corporate 9-5 world to invest in a relationship with the unseen. In this episode, we explore how Shamanism is a way to honor our ancestry, what is dream hygiene and how you can benefit, and how to get back

38. Experiences in the Psych Ward for Suicidal Ideations ft. Tanushree Sengupta
January 09, 2022

After being hospitalized for a week, Tanushree gets diagnosed with dysthymia. Then things got messy. Unintentionally triggering friends. Fighting with parents about using medication. And what self-care looks like right now. Tanushree is a fellow mental he

37. Our Shit: Adult Friendships and How to Be a Better Friend
December 26, 2021

Adult friendships. Confrontations. Empathy. Responsibilities. We confront our uncomfortable thoughts and compare our friendship and partnership to a romantic relationship. They talk about their mental health and how that has affected their time management

36. Negative Self-Talk and Equating Our Self-Worth with Productivity ft. Lucas Ng
December 12, 2021

Self-shaming. Struggling relationship. Disappointing Chinese Christian parents. Lucas Ng, Canadian actor and co-host of “Have We Made It Yet” podcast, shares how he got fired from his job triggered a cascade of endless negative self-talk, thoughts of self

35. The Financial, Physical, and Mental Costs of Our Periods
November 28, 2021

IUDs. Sex during periods. Pain. Discomfort. The tampon tax and all the other costs associated with our menstruations. Kristy and Angie tackle some burning questions about the ever so enduring, unbelievably persistent, biological event we unwillingly go th