Shit We Don't Tell Mom

Shit We Don't Tell Mom

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54. Breaking Away from "Asian" Parenting Styles ft. Vincci Tsui
November 06, 2022

Vincci Tsui, a mother of a three-year-old, balances her parenting knowledge from how she was raised with what she believes to be best for her daughter. We discuss what weve learned from our parents and what has been taught to us from living in a western

53. Our Shit: What Happens After A Break Up?
October 23, 2022

Its official, Kristy is now single after a 6-year relationship. In this episode, we process the emotions after a breakup, recognize what is overly independent, and discuss fears of the future after losing a partner. Our Shit is a series where we update

52. How Do We Define Cheating in a Relationship?
October 09, 2022

Angie has been cheated on. Kristy has done the cheating. Inspired by the recent events in the Try Guys, we chat about our own experiences with infidelity including physical cheating, emotional cheating, micro-cheating, work crushes, and how to move on. “Y

51. The Joy and Grief of Adult Friendships
September 25, 2022

Kristy and Angie sit down to talk about adult friendships during Kristy's road trip across Canada. Analogies are made, lyrics are quoted, and tears are (almost) shed."I'm gonna hedge my bets if I have a lot of friends that are within the cl

50. How to Heal from Childhood Trauma as a Vietnamese-American Daughter going into Motherhood ft. Tam Tran
September 11, 2022

Tam is in the middle generation. The balance between talking about mental health with her parents and learning how to teach her son to be in tune with his mental well-being. We discuss:her parents talking her out of using therapypeople-pleasing tendenci

49. Attachment Style…It Makes You Feel Some Type of Way
August 28, 2022

What is your attachment style? Have you always wanted to do one but are not sure how itll go? Well do the quiz and narrate as we go and share some of our childhood memories andwell the answer may surprise you! Angie asked how understanding attachment h

48. Dopamine, Distractions, and Depression (Re-release)
August 15, 2022

We decided to share a popular episode from season 1 from the summer of 2020 about how we talked ourselves out of our depressive episodes. We share audio clips of our actual voice messages with each other to show our realistic experiences, thoughts, and fe

47. To Have or Not to Have Babies... and Why
July 31, 2022

Angie always imaged having babies. Kristy is on team no kids. But lately, theyve both been having different thoughts. In this episode, we explore why we originally wanted/not wanted babies and why we are changing our minds. We also chat about endometrios

46. Unlearning Internalized Sexism in Your Family and Learning Self-Validation ft. Shirvin Lee
July 17, 2022

**Content Warning: Death, Depression, Suicide**We are joined by psychotherapist Shirvin Lee who gets vulnerable and shares her childhood traumas of facing sexism and insurmountable pressures from her family. We also learn how to process and understand emo

45. Our Shit: What I Learned from Breaking Up a 6 Year Relationship
July 03, 2022

This is an intimate story about my recent breakup with my partner of 6 years. I share my fear of judgment from friends, staying vs. leaving the relationship, the lessons learned, and how I plan to move forward. “I can’t just keep quitting every time somet