Latest Episodes

#7 One of Those ‘Sodes: Mesmerized
July 20, 2020

One of Those ‘Sodes is an artistic piece of me to you. There are new updates, sponsorships, poetry, mini series and more! You’ll want to stay ready for these babies!! IG; @sankofabird_ Looking to have your brand, business, book, song sponsored on the sho

#6 Crotchless Jumpsuits : Intimacy & Nourishment in Relationships
July 13, 2020

This podcast episode highlights what nourishment through intimacy feels and looks like within my partnerships, what I want to experience within my relationships in relation to standards, and the importance of clarifying what intimacy is for you.

#5 Pray Before You Eat? : Grace & Gratitude
June 29, 2020

This episode is about Ayurvedic eating practices that holistically connect you to the energy of your food, practicing gratitude, grace and connection to LIFE. I share personal experiences and stories that led me from saying a rehearsed grace to no grace a

#4 Journey to Loving Our Body & Our Full CellF with Seed of Seeds Evolution
June 22, 2020

Everything I need is within me. This episode conversation with Alexis of Seeds Evolution and Lexxy Lash is centered around How What We Consume Affects How We Perceive Ourselves and How We Grow, What we CAN Control on our journey to loving ourselves uncond

#3 King God Visualization Meditation by EleM.Divit
June 17, 2020

For some time, my heart has been full with love to give to melanated men. This meditation is for you, an opportunity to explore a safe haven of your choosing, a peaceful walk in nature. This is your vision, no one else’s. Walk freely. Skip, Dance, Just

#2 I See Hair Growin Out the Seams with Ndidi of Suga Mama’s Body Sugaring
June 15, 2020

Episode 2! Body Hair with Ndidi of Suga Mama’s Body Sugaring Suga Mama’s Body Sugaring Houston, Texas Book your next facial or sugar wax with Ndidi! & tell her I sent you! Link is in the show notes below! Follow her on IG: SMBodySugaring for promos

#1 It’s IlluMinated Baby! Am I Honoring All of Who I Am?
June 08, 2020

It’s Illuminated baby. My name is Ayan Safi! Welcome to Illum! Where we illuminate [what is, what was, where to, and why now]. This IlluM Introduction EP serves the purpose of familiarizing you, “with the flow of the show and how my shit gone go.. ima