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One of those ‘Sodes: January is Finito! Mini Check In with ÏlluMimamiii
February 01, 2022

Hang out with lluMimamiii as she shares whats transpired over the first month of January 2022, whats been manifested, where her head is at, what love shes looking for.

One of Those ‘Sodes: A Crown Meditation for My Mommy; You Deserve to Thrive
January 04, 2022

I rose around 5AM. Im practicing rising and not grabbing the phone. Im practicing recalling my dreams as soon as I rise. Today I checked in on my mother who is not feeling so great. I immediately made my tea and began to record this intentional meditati

Purpose in Pain?? Naaaa Purpose in Emotion!!
December 29, 2021

Quote: Once you taste the joy of living in beauty and love, you no longer find anything captivating about suffering. This episode highlights misconceptions and beliefs about pain and suffering always being part of the path to success, as if its the on

Keep the Celebratory Energy in Rotationnn! It’s All Alchemy Baby.
November 17, 2021

Celebratory energy. Before we, as we, while we, & when we birth, its so important to embrace the energy of celebration. Of joy. Of presence. Of potentiality. You can: Self soothe. Self reward. Self imagine. Self express. This podcast episode is meant to

Get Out My Bubble! Healing with Hypnotherapist Kiera Alegra
November 08, 2021

It was a pleasure to chat about mental health and mind reprogramming with my good friend Kiera Alegra of Brown Goddess Magic! We discussed how we can shift from suppression and procrastination into releasing and healing. Hypnotherapy isn’t as common as we

What if you are Earth? THE MEDITATION FOR YOU
November 01, 2021

In this episode, Sankofa Bluu shares treasured moments with you as she EFT taps to the meditative blessing of Goddess Sayidana. This is a personal recording done via her iPhone and captures the essence of her prayer and meditation style: comfort, light, r

The Return of IlluM: Where you been? Routines - Self Sabotage. Spongebob Sheets???!
October 25, 2021

..heyyy yall! Yall still luh me? You luhme? You love me? Okay just checking! Im disgusted with how long it took to return and also joked out at how resonant this end of August message is in this now moment of presenting it to you. Im easing you all bac

One of the ‘Sodes #9: Let’s Pretend This Is A Sex Podcast/Chat
January 03, 2021

illuMimamiii dealt with disrespect one evening and had to release it. Some people just dont listen... Respeck the boundaries! Ask for Consent! Communicate! Definitely one of my more raunchy episodes. Im definitely tipsy and eating a vegan muffin.

#9 One of Those ‘Sodes: Vessel within the Vehicle [ Random Talks with Cellf]
August 22, 2020

I talk to mycellf a lot. Here’s me having a conversation with cellf about how operating from a soul level, understanding how our “engines” run, and more.

July 28, 2020

An episode about the importance of checking in with yourself, journaling, sticking to your goals, time management and more! After we check in, we meditate. Stay tuned for updates on all the offerings mentioned in this episode such as the 4 Week Course & E