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073 – It’s Midnight: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?
October 07, 2019

So, you’ve got lots of data, and it’s stored here, there, and everywhere. How do you manage it all? And beyond that, how do you put it to use in your environment, to do business-enhancing things like artificial intelligence and machine learning? -

072 – It’s Like AWS S3 Storage, Only 75% Cheaper
September 30, 2019

Many know the storage company Backblaze from their groundbreaking and justifiably famous “hard drive stats,” in which they publish data on hard drive failures within their data centers. Others know them from their consumer backup offerings. -

071 – Even SMBs Can Have a Data Warehouse
September 23, 2019

The reality is that every business knows it needs to do more with its data. The problem is that this reality bumps into another reality, especially for smaller companies—the lack of resources to implement full data infrastructure. -

070 – AIOps: the Future Is Now
September 16, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) as applied to helping manage your IT infrastructure may still feel like a long way off. But it isn’t. This concept, called “AIOps,” is here now and available to organizations. - One leading vendor in the space, Dynatrace,

069 – Security Via Addresses and Ports Is Dead
September 09, 2019

“This notion that address and port mean something is long since over.” That provocative statement about network security comes from Peter Smith, founder/CEO of Edgewise, as he spoke with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about Zero Trust on this epi...

068 – Unlock the Potential in Your Data
September 02, 2019

Dremio Founder and CEO Tomer Shiran calls his company a “cloud data lake engine.” It sounds very sophisticated—but what does that really mean? - Basically, it means that his company will connect all your data,

067 – ‘Zero Trust’ in Multi-cloud Environments
August 27, 2019

The concept of “zero trust” is becoming the standard security model in the industry, and that’s a great thing. But zero trust also comes with its own set of challenges; one of the biggest is scaling, especially when the environment extends beyond the o...

066 – Achieving High Availability for Your Cloud Apps Through Clustering
August 26, 2019

There are plenty of people who believe that the public cloud somehow confers availability to applications by its very nature. But that’s a myth—and a potentially dangerous one as well, because you may find out, via a call from the boss,

065 – Backing Up Your Software-as-a-Service
August 19, 2019

When you’re using Office 365, do you believe that Microsoft is taking care of the backups of that crucial information? If so, you’re living under a dangerous delusion. - That’s because Microsoft takes care of its own infrastructure.

064 – Understanding the Google Cloud Platform
August 12, 2019

In the Internet age, an old saying goes that it’s best to be there first. And there’s truth in that, too. When it comes to public cloud computing, Amazon was first, and they’re a clear No. 1 in the space. - Sometimes it’s hard to be in third place,