Coaching Conversations

Coaching Conversations

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Leadership Unveiled: Insights from Executive Coaching with Paul and Tom
March 06, 2024

In this episode, Paul and Tom delve into their executive coaching experiences. They offer insights into how coaching executives can differ from other types of coaching. Additionally, they discuss common challenges and topics that arise when working with l

Unlocking Potential: The Transformative Power of Awareness in Coaching
February 23, 2024

Welcome to another enlightening episode of our podcast, where we unravel the transformative power of awareness in coaching. It's where the journey of true change begins, through a profound understanding of oneself, the surrounding circumstances, and

The powerful role of intuition in coaching and life!
February 09, 2024

In this episode, Tom and Paul delve into the critical role of intuition in coaching and daily living. They examine methods for developing intuition to make it a key component in strengthening human relationships and enriching life with more profound signi

Coaching Mindset - Part two
February 05, 2024

In this insightful episode, Paul and Tom delve deeper into the nuanced world of coaching, building upon their previous discussion with a focus on the pivotal role of a coaching mindset. They emphasise the critical importance of ensuring that coaching conv

Coaching Mindset - Part one
January 19, 2024

Welcome back to the world of podcasting with Tom Yates and Paul Marks! Following a short hiatus, your favorite coaching experts, Tom and Paul, return to the airwaves, ready to dive deep into the world of coaching with their trademark wisdom and insights.T

Coaching into the future
July 31, 2020

In this episode Tom and Paul discuss the future of coaching! How will the future of business shape the coaching industry? What next for coaches?Coaching is a fast growing professional, and for good reason! The world is changing fast and people need coach

Helping our coachee manage and deal with change
July 05, 2020

Coaching is about supporting people to develop and grow. As result, our clients have to be prepared to step out of their comfort zone and make changes. This is often easier said than done, in this episode Tom and Paul discuss how coaches can help...

Coaching Around Values
June 16, 2020

In this podcast episode, Tom and Paul discuss how coaching people around values can really help clients better understand themselves and align behaviours with purpose! Exploring values during coaching conversions can really help clients become more...

Building your coaching business
June 15, 2020

For new coaches, getting clients its one of the big challenges! In this episode, Tom and Paul share and discuss their experiences about building your coaching business and getting clients!Would you like to become a professional certified coach? Find out

Developing Our Habits
June 04, 2020

In this episode, Paul and Tom discuss habits. We need habits to survive, otherwise we would have to process every event as though it was a new one, with no precedent to go by. The brain conserves resources by making repetitive actions more automatic usin