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Who Wants to Talk Slumdog Millionaire?!
June 18, 2020

On Episode 30 of You've Got Love, we're looking at the Best Picture winning 2008 phenomenonSlumdog Millionaire. This story chronicles the lives of three youth growing up orphaned on the streets of Mu

Tap Shoes & Tourists: An American in Paris
June 10, 2020

Hello lovers! We're back this week with a classic from 1951,An American in Paris. Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron are crossed lovers who meet and form a love square with their additional suitors. Can a d

Looking Pretty in Pink
May 27, 2020

Welcome back lovers and listeners! This week on You've Got Love, we're getting our prom looks together as we discussPretty in Pink. This 80s classic is taking us back to funky hair and high school ro

The Apartment: Home Sweet Home
May 20, 2020

On the newest episode of the You've Got Love, we're taking a look at Billy Wilder's award-winning classic,The Apartment.This romance takes place over the course of winter 1959. Bud loans his apartme

10 Things I Hate About...
May 06, 2020

On Episode 26 of You've Got Love, we're heading back to 1999 to look at the modernized take onTaming of the Shrew. It's Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles going head to head as Patrick and Kat in10 Thing

Chocolat (2000)
April 29, 2020

On the newest episode of You've Got Love, we're indulging our sweet tooth as we look back at the 2000 romanceChocolat. Nominated for 5 Academy Awards and starring a host of good performers,Chocolat

Lars and the Real Girl
April 22, 2020

On the newest episode of You've Got Love, we're taking a look at Craig Gillispie'sLars and the Real Girl.Your faithful hosts are back diving into multiple relationships and topics at play in this qu

Killing Time with Kate & Leopold
April 15, 2020

On Episode 23 of You've Got Love, we're traveling through time and space to talk romance and intentions. That's right, our subject this week is James Mangold'sKate & Leopold from 2001. This fantasy r

Down the River with The African Queen
April 08, 2020

Hello lovers! On this week's episode, we're going back to 1951 to discuss the John Huston movie,The African Queen. We got Bogie, we got Katie Hepburn, but do we have love? With these two opposites st

Crossing the River with a Working Girl
March 26, 2020

Hello lovers! We're back with a brand new episode of You've Got Love. This week, we're looking at the 1988 Mike Nichols romance Working Girl. Melanie Griffith stars as an aspirational business woman trying to work her way up in the big city. Her...