Your Finances — Know You Can

Your Finances — Know You Can

How to Carefully Pick Your Financial Planner (Ep. 3)

March 01, 2022

Your investments are the fuel for your trip, but your financial plan is your flight plan. And without that, you don’t know how much fuel or investments you’re going to need.

Say you’ve got the fuel and the plan. But, what about the advisor? Is your financial planner the right person to work with?

When looking for a financial planner, you have to find someone who aligns with your goals and investing expectations. That’s why, this week, HSI Financial’s president and senior financial strategist, Wes Forster, outlines what you should keep in mind when looking for a financial strategist, as well as what to expect from HSI Financial as a client. 

Wes discusses:

  • How to identify if your advisor fits you and your needs
  • Ways the team at HSI interacts with their clients
  • The importance of having a detailed financial plan 
  • The company’s strategy for long-term investing 
  • And more!


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