You're Never Too Old!

You're Never Too Old!

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Episode 20 - Micah & Nerd Culture
September 04, 2019

Well, it's only taken me a month to get another episode released, but it's finally here. Episode 20 includes both myself and friend, Micah Bowell, talking about the transformation happening across the world with 'nerd culture' and how things have changed.

Episode 19 - Patricia Miranda & Nostalgic Shows (As Told By Ginger)
July 31, 2019

With two weeks between this episode and the last I thought it would be interesting to switch things up a bit and bring on a new type of guest! That's right, it's another podcaster! Patricia and I had a great time talking about one of our favorite nostalg.

Episode 18 - Cory Returned & Spiderman (Video Games)
July 17, 2019

'Sup y'all? My voice is terrible, so you don't hear a lot of me this episode. But, our good friend Cory Moore joins us again to talk about the Spiderman video games and how he's felt they've changed and gotten better over the years. Hope you all enjoy!

Episode 17 - Gracie Pryor & Stepping Into the Animation Industry
July 10, 2019

Let's talk about life in college! Let's talk about life after college! Good lord I want to graduate soon... Gracie Pryor, animator and recent graduate, sat down via interwebs and told me all about their time in school and where it's led them to now! Give.

Episode 16 - Ali Leriger de la Plante & Ophiuchus
July 03, 2019

WE'RE BACK!!! And I'm coming to you with a lot of information in this episode so hold onto your butts because we've got a lot to catch up on. Be sure to listen to the full episode for information about You're Never Too Old! and were we're all headed!

Episode 15 - Betsy Bauer
June 06, 2019

Once again, I'm late to posting the newest episode. But, here we are! I was thrilled to sit and talk with Betsy Bauer about her work with Dreamworks and more, so I hope that you all enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed recording and editing it! Links b.

Episode 14 - Francesca & Life After Graduating
May 30, 2019

Francesca and I sat down to talk about their life after graduating and what it takes to find internships, have a professional personality through email, and where the future is taking them with their art and illustration! Instagram:  https://www.inst

Episode 13 - Blake and Robot Girl
May 22, 2019

Short and sweet this week! Me and Blake Shepard chatted about his previous and current work with voice acting, as well as diving deeper into the narrative and history behind his project, Robot Girl! Check it out! Robot Girl:  https://robotgirlchronicles..

Episode 12 - Craig & JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
May 16, 2019

DIOOOOO!!!!!! That's right, this week we're exploring our feelings about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and I'm joined by friend and patron, Craig Byers. This is an anime that I've only just started watching (and still need to continue watching) so I was glad .

Episode 11 - B & Sly Cooper
May 08, 2019

Do you remember how back in the 90's and early 00's that video games were like, obsessed with anthropomorphic protagonists? Well, today's episode is about one of the best ones! Sllllyyyyy Cooper!B an