You're 86

You're 86

Useful tips for bartenders – Episode 31.5

February 14, 2020

Light Spanish wines are perfect for recording recap episodes

Welcome back! Thanks so much tuning in to another recap of what we've learned in the past few episodes. We had four amazing guests this month who shared many useful tips for bartenders and industry professionals. Listen to the episode in the player or wherever you get your podcasts for some of the most important things we learned.

In Episode 28, we learned all about how competitive bartending can make you a better bartender, with recent Speed Rack winner Jessi Lorraine. In Episode 29, we heard from Absinthia Vermut about starting a craft spirits company and the value of writing a business plan. In Episode 30, we heard from Mike Miranti about the challenges of high end restaurants. Finally, in Episode 31, we got to sit down with Hubert Tang and hear how he stays positive on the floor.

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