You're 86

You're 86

The challenges of high-end restaurants – Ep 30 With Mike Miranti

January 28, 2020

Fine dining and high-end casual restaurants can be very exciting and lucrative places to work. You get the chance to work with well respected chefs and staff, the pay is usually higher and the media attention is exciting too. But the unique challenges of high-end restaurants can make working in that environment exhausting if you're not prepared for it. High-end restaurants are often more complicated and more stressful. Solid teamwork is a must in that kind of environment. If the operation isn't firing on all cylinders, things can fall apart quickly.

My guest today is Mike Miranti, he’s worked and managed several high-end restaurants in New York, including Becco and Sen Sakana. He’s currently head server at Feroce in Manhattan and he is also a co-host of the Not a Foodie Podcast. Mike shared a lot of great advice about the challenges of high-end restaurants, including a time when the sewer overflowed into their bathroom.

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