You're 86

You're 86

Surviving holiday stress – Ep 26: With Rebecca Hopkins

December 18, 2019

This is probably the craziest time of year for all sides of our industry, and surviving that holiday stress isn't easy. Our jobs are extra busy with company buyouts, we have to manage expectations of family and friends, we have holiday parties to host and attend, and that's on top of all the usual end of year stress. Despite all of the bright and cheerful decorations, this can be an incredibly dark and hopeless time of year.

My guest today is Rebecca Hopkins. She's been in the wine industry for more than 25 years, she's currently Vice President of Communications and Partner at Folio Fine Wine Partners based in Napa, CA. In 2018, Rebecca founded and launched A Balanced Glass, which is a wonderful website providing education and resources on health and wellbeing for our industry. She recently published a couple of pieces about surviving holiday stress, and she had a lot of advice to share.

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