You're 86

You're 86

What your customers really think – Episode 17: With Hannah Chamberlain

September 18, 2019

So what do your customers really think? We've talked a lot about things like empathy with customers, customer interactions and customer experience, but so far I've just had a bunch of bartenders on the show. I thought it might be a good idea to talk to a real live customer who doesn't work behind the bar, and actually get their side of the story.

My guest today is Hannah Chamberlain. She runs Spirited LA, a bar and cocktail Instagram feed and blog that focuses on beautiful, creative and delicious cocktails, as well as cocktail culture and more. Hannah is essentially a professional bar customer. She visits tons of bars all over the world and it was really enlightening to hear about her experience on the other side of the stick.

Hannah gives especially excellent advice about being greeted. If there's one takeaway from this episode, it's to greet every customer that walks into your bar. Do this in whatever way makes sense for your establishment, but be consistent about it and your customers will have a much better experience.

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