Your Valuable Home

Your Valuable Home

A frank discussion with Renowned Architect, Illya Azaroff, about Living Off the Grid

November 16, 2023

After listening to today’s replay, it would be a good idea to

determine if your house is properly insulated.

It’s the third week of the month – time for the Bad Guy Bulletin. In a tip sent in by Marc Furber from the Bucks County DA’s office, a contractor who shook down a homeowner for thousands is still on the loose. In another

account, another shady contractor who demanded up-front money

for multiple jobs he never completed, was taken out of circulation.

In our Feature today, if you’ve ever considered buying or building

a primary or vacation home off the grid, this interview with

architect Illya Azaraoff should clear up a lot of “should I, or

shouldn’t I” questions about the upside and possible downside of

living off the grid.