Your Valuable Home

Your Valuable Home

Your Luxe Vacation Home Could be in the Fabulous PACASO Collection

November 09, 2023

In our Replay today, Jon Lapp, our sponsor Provia’s Product Manager for

Siding briefs us on the newest addition to the ProVia siding line – Harbor

Mill shingle and shake siding. Jon talks about how ProVia uses laser

technology to mimic the look and feel of real wood, the architectural styles

most suited to Harbor Mill, the myriad available colors, ease of installation,

etc., etc. If you’re thinking about re-siding your home, you need to listen to


In the Horror Story, we relate the sorry tale of a homeowner who

shelled out a lot of money for an addition that didn’t happen. The

contractor then asked for more money to start. Unreal!!!

In our Feature today, we learn about the co-ownership of lux vacation homes with Chad Graven from Pacaso, a company with such a compelling business model

and a collection of outstanding homes that Pacaso scored a $1 billion

valuation six months after startup. WOW!!!