Your Valuable Home

Your Valuable Home

It’s Week Two of the Real Estate RoundUp 2023, and We’re Briefed on Maryland Real Estate on Both Sides of the Chesapeake Bay

October 01, 2023

In the Replay today, we interview legendary singer, songwriter, Kim Sledge,

and learn that even celebrities have to navigate a tight seller’s market to

find the right place to downsize. The continuing Horror Story s about the

experience Kevin and company are having to re-do the work a contractor

wannabe attempted in a reconstruction after a house fire. Virtually

everything that was done has to be re-done. In the Feature, we get the

word that the market is stable in storybook Talbot County on the eastern

side of the Chesapeake Bay, across the bridge from Annapolis. But in

Annapolis and most of the rest of Anne Arundel County, home prices keep

going up with a few exceptions that you may want to hear about.