Your Great Journey

Your Great Journey

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Let Go of Stress: A Guided Meditation
June 24, 2020

If you want to relax, let go of stress, and find a soothing sense of inner peace, we’ve got a great episode for you today. We’re sharing a guided meditation from the audiobook "Guided Meditations for Letting Go," by Your Great Journey.

Anxiety Expert Dr. David Carbonell on Worry and Anxiety
April 22, 2020

Worry convinces us there's danger, and then tricks us into getting into fight, flight, or freeze mode — even when there is no danger. Today, Dr. David Carbonell, clinical psychologist, anxiety expert and author of the best-selling audiobook "The Worry ...

Jeff Foster on Grief and Loss
March 25, 2020

We all face grief and loss, but if we can turn towards it, and listen to it, it may reveal hidden gold. Spiritual teacher Jeff Foster is the author of the popular audiobook "Falling in Love with Where You Are.

Practicing Self-Compassion
March 11, 2020

Practicing self-compassion allows you to be aware, to tune in, to be mindful of your experiences, and to provide comfort and self-nurturing when you need it. According to psychotherapist Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks,

Small Behavior Change: A Psychologist’s Exercise
January 08, 2020

Changing habits can be difficult, so it's helpful to know if the benefit of a change will be greater than the effort involved. In this episode we’re sharing a simple exercise from the audiobook “The User's Guide to the Human Mind: Why Our Brains Make U...

Neuroplasticity: Rewire the Brain to Change Habits
December 04, 2019

Do you ever feel that bad habits have taken over your life? When stress and anxiety mount, do your go-to behaviors wreak havoc on your time, relationships, work, and finances? According to Dr. Amy Johnson, psychologist and author of the popular audiobo...

Practicing Mindfulness to Manage Your Emotions
October 23, 2019

Does it seem as though your emotions always get the better of you? That you need more time to recover from an emotional episode than others? Mental health therapist Sheri Van Dijk is the author of the best-selling audiobook "Calming the Emotional Storm...

How to Calm a Panic Attack
August 28, 2019

If you’ve ever experienced sudden anxiety, you may wonder how to calm a panic attack. In this episode, Dr. Catherine M. Pittman, author of the best-selling audiobook “Rewire Your Anxious Brain,” shares some powerful coping strategies that can help you ...

Guided Relaxation: A Gentle Meditation to Calm Stress
July 17, 2019

Today we’re sharing a soothing guided relaxation that will help you find your center in stressful moments. This relaxation is an excerpt from psychologist Ted Zeff’s audiobook "The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living W...

Chuck Hillig: Living As the Source of Who You Are
June 19, 2019

We all sometimes wish that life could be different than it is. We'd love to wave a magic wand and fix the annoying job, the inconsiderate friend, or the distant partner. But we can’t. The good new is, we don’t need to! In this episode, Chuck Hillig,