Homeowner’s Best Moves

Homeowner’s Best Moves

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Ep 103 - Private Lending • Fast And Creative Money For Real Estate Investors
June 20, 2024

Hard Money for creative real estate financing. You or the property doesnt qualify for a loan. How to secure real estate in the world of fast-paced competition facing multiple offers. Need to sell in

Ep 102 – Frustrated by Birds Nesting on Your House? How To Take Control
June 06, 2024

Tired of dealing with birds nesting on your house and causing damage? We have you covered with practical tips and clear advice on what actions you can take to protect your home. Discover effective way

Ep 101 – List Home Price To Sell • Stats Help Determine Value
May 23, 2024

What price will get the Current Market Value when I list my home? In this episode, we present key indicators along with Statistics that help homeowners determine when to sell, understand Interest Rate

Ep 100 - Tweet Retreat • Invite Birds to Feast While Minimizing Pests
May 17, 2024

Discover how to transform your yard into a bird-friendly haven while keeping pesky invaders at bay. Join us to celebrate Episode 100 while we laugh along with feathered companion stories, Tune in now

Ep 99 - Creative Home-Loan Options For Lower Mortgage Rates
May 09, 2024

Creative Loan Options can make it affordable for the Homebuyer to purchase a home during this time when home values are a lot higher than they were a few years back. Knowledge is power and potentiall

Ep 98 - Investor's Compassionate Approach to Foreclosure Purchase
May 02, 2024

Whether you're a curious listener, an aspiring investor or directly affected by foreclosure, this episode unlocks solutions as we uncover the hidden truths behind distressed home purchases. We shed li

Ep 97 – From Crisis to Stability • Steps to Avoid Foreclosure
April 25, 2024

Financial difficulties sometimes lead to losing your home. We share options to prevent foreclosure and talk about potential financial assistance for homeowners, to empower you with knowledge and stra

Ep 96 - Beyond Pollen • Homefront First Impressions and Allergy Survival
April 20, 2024

We cover affordable do-it-yourself "curb appeal" tasks to ensure your property is well prepared for the warm seasons and attract Buyers. Tips to avoid high pollen count accumulation to minimize aller

Ep 95 - Mastering 1031 Exchange • Vacant Land • Farm Strategies
March 28, 2024

Interestingly enough your Lot or Land may qualify for a 1031 Tax Exchange when ready to sell. And Farms? Well... Listen and follow this Podcast as we explore the process and the many variables that

Ep 94 - Families Navigate Assisted Living and Memory Care
March 22, 2024

Curious about Assisted Living? Join us as we uncover essential insights into making the decision to embrace a supportive environment offering Assisted Living and Memory Care services. This deeply mean