You Time | Self-Care for the Modern Mama

You Time | Self-Care for the Modern Mama

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063 |Why It's Time to Cancel Snapback Culture with Nastasia Scott
December 01, 2020

New moms can often feel the pressure to 'snapback' to their body pre-baby. Often, that pressure causes more harm than good.

062 | Examining Self-Care Strategies for the Busy Mom with Jess Durando of Happy Belly Coaching
October 27, 2020

Self-care can feel like a cruel joke to a busy mom. Heres why its not and how you can begin to practice it today. Like, right now.

061 | Life as a Recovering People-Pleaser
October 06, 2020

A look inside my people-pleasing journey and what my life looks like today

060 | The Importance of Self-Advocacy with your OB-Gyn
September 29, 2020

While it can feel awkward to speak up or challenge your doctors opinion, its within your right as a patient. Learn more about the importance of self-advocacy.

059 | How to Self-Care as a Mom + Strategy Tips
September 22, 2020

Discover how to tune into and re-prioritize your needs.

058 | Opening Up: My Postpartum Anxiety Story
September 15, 2020

As someone who has lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember, I didn't think much about how my life would be affected after birth. Here's my postpartum anxiety story.

057 | What is Body Neutrality and the Power Behind It with Helen Phelan
September 08, 2020

Examining how body neutrality and body positivity intersect (and how they differ) can leave you feeling empowered and realigned within yourself.

053 | Here’s What Happened: Our Airstream Cross-Country Road Trip
September 01, 2020

We decided now is the time for a summer road trip so we packed up our seven-month-old and hit the road. Listen in to learn all about our Airstream roadtrip - why we did it, where we went, what we learned, and more!

055 | Your COVID-19 Postpartum Self-Care Plan
August 11, 2020

Postpartum is tough, but navigating postpartum during a global pandemic? That can feel crazy difficult. Here are some tips to help you.

054 | Six Lessons of Motherhood in Six Months
August 04, 2020

Becoming a mother completely flipped my world upside down in ways both good and bad. Im getting vulnerable and sharing six lessons that I learned in my six months of motherhood.