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Jesus the Light of The World – Adam Dyer
June 16, 2024

Join us for an enlightening message from Adam Dyer at Yeovil Community Church! In this powerful sermon, Adam delves into the profound truth that Jesus is the Light of the World. Through exploring key

John 7 – Sarah Horder
June 09, 2024

Explore the profound teachings of John 7 in this insightful sermon delivered by Sarah Horder at Yeovil Community Church. Dive deep into the heart of Jesus' message and uncover the spiritual truths tha

Rivers of Living Waters – Jan Stevens
June 02, 2024

Join us for an inspiring sermon titled "Rivers of Living Water" delivered by Jan Stevens at Yeovil Community Church. This sermon is part of our "Captivated" series, exploring the profound teachings fr

Authority and Right Judgment – Malcolm Nichols
May 19, 2024

Join us for an impactful sermon by Malcolm Nichols at Yeovil Community Church! As part of our teaching series "Captivated" on the book of John, Malcolm explores the themes of authority and right judge

Jesus: The Bread of Life – Sim Ashford
May 05, 2024

Tune in as Sim unpacks the powerful metaphor of Jesus as the bread of life in this eye-opening sermon. Join us for a soul-nourishing exploration of how Jesus satisfies our deepest hunger and offers tr

The Crowd, The Critic and The Muse
April 21, 2024

Joe continues our Captivated series in the book of John picking up the story of Jesus walking on water. Jesus is not defined by the desires of the crowd but instead finds his identity from God alone.

Jesus Feeding the 5000
April 14, 2024

Jo picks our Captivated series back up after a year gap looking at the book of John and unpacking the story in John 6 of Jesus feeding the 5000. We are invited to be participants not just spectators i

YCC Podcast: 40 Days of Prayer – Week 5
January 29, 2024

Episode 5 of our 40 Days of Prayer podcast introducing the theme of resilience. Sim and Sarah introducing the theme for the week - the story of Jesus' 40 Days in the Wilderness; how God calls us to re

YCC Podcast: 40 Days of Prayer – Week 4
January 24, 2024

Episode 4 of our 40 Days of Prayer podcast introducing the theme. Daniel and Joe introducing the theme for the week - the story of Noah and God's promise to the world. How God calls us to be cleansed