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Globalization’s Angst and the Brexit Vote
September 07, 2016

Many voters in the United Kingdom are having second thoughts about leaving the European Union, and not simply because of the plummeting value of currency or stock markets.

Migration Trends: Young and Poor Move to Lands of Aging Rich
August 23, 2016

The world's most troublesome borders for illegal migration have one thing in common, more older people on one side than the other.

YaleGlobal: Turkey No Longer a Democratic Model for the Middle East
July 08, 2016

YaleGlobal: Turkey No Longer a Democratic Model for the Middle East - Ambitions of Turkey's President Erdogan are damaging the nation's standing with regional and international partners.

YaleGlobal: Of Two Minds on China
July 08, 2016

YaleGlobal article "Of Two Minds on China" by Terry Lautz - One side of China pursues openness and reforms; another side insists that unity and stability are paramount.

International Students Find Roles in US Presidential Campaign
May 24, 2016

College administrators encourage civic engagement for all students, and international students are following the US presidential race.

Life After the Nuclear Security Summits: Are We Safe?
May 24, 2016

The nuclear security summits raised awareness and improved security, but threat of terrorists seizing fissile material is high.

Russia Needs Options to Deal with China
May 24, 2016

To avoid marginalization and over-reliance on China, Russia should repair ties with the West

Big Win by Turkey’s AKP Signals Vote for Stability
November 13, 2015

Turkey's Justice and Development Party, also known as AKP, won 317 seats in the General National Assembly with Sunday's elections more than expected and more than the 276 needed for a majority, but not enough to change the constitution directly.

China’s New Economic Plan Tackles the Rebalancing Puzzle
November 13, 2015

Early reports on China’s Five-Year Plan outlining the government’s strategic priorities for 2016 to 2020 indicate preparations for slowed yet more sustainable economic growth.