What The Fuck Is Going On?

What The Fuck Is Going On?

Trump Indictment, Memes Are Illegal & Sanna Marine Is Finnish(ed)

April 03, 2023

0:00 - 1:35 Intro

1:36 - 17:30 Trump Indicted

17:31 - 25:31 Douglas Mackey: Convicted Meme Maker

25:32 - 40:19 "The Great Covid Lie Machine"

40:20 - 49:04 Finland Joins NATO

Short one to kick off the week as Kev and Rob react to the bombshell Trump indictment and to the prosecution of "far-right troll" Douglas Mackey. They also break down the most recent installment of The Twitter Files and then Finish in Europe with Finland's impending NATO inclusion and recent elections.

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Intro Song Credit: Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio