What The Fuck Is Going On?

What The Fuck Is Going On?

Pulitzer Winner Names US Nordstream Saboteurs as Syrian Aid Halted By Sanctions; Palestine (Ohio) Poisoned In Train Crash

February 11, 2023

0:00 - 1:35 Intro

1:36 - 7:48 The Run-Up

7:49 - 25:06 Train Spills Chemicals All Over Ohio Town

25:07 - 44:48 Pulitzer Winning Journalist Fingers US as Nordstream Pipeline Saboteurs

44:49 - 53:30 Syrian Earthquake Aid Delayed From Sanctions

53:31 - 1:03:45 GOP Subcommittee on Government "weaponization."

This episode we cover a number of explosive reports on environmental catastrophe, greed & corruption, clandestine operations and crippling sanctions.

Here is a link to Seymour Hersh's Substack article mentioned in the episode: https://peoplesdispatch.org/2023/02/10/how-america-took-out-the-nord-stream-pipeline/

Get informed on Starbucks employees' efforts to unionize: https://sbworkersunited.org/

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