WTF Do I Do with My Hands?

WTF Do I Do with My Hands?

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Episode 13: Developing a Communication Strategy
October 16, 2019

It may seem challenging from the outset, but a clear strategic framework for any communication can be worked out in just a few minutes with the right tools. We have spent 12 episodes discussing concepts […]

Episode 12: The Base-to-Gesture Relationship
October 18, 2018

Just as a Directive Thought can help to keep verbal content within an informed boundary, harnessing the relationship between gesture and the base of the body can be used to control gestural range of motion. […]

The Breath-Thought Connection
March 21, 2018

S1 E2

The Importance of Breath
March 20, 2018

S1 E1

Episode 11: Gesture, Articulation, and Thought
December 28, 2017

In the same manner by which a conductor’s movements are reflected in the performance of the orchestra, gesture is intricately tied to the formation and articulation of thought. Gesture and Thought mutually inform one another […]

Episode 10: Gesture: Organic and Deliberate
September 05, 2017

What happens in the hands is an extension of what is happening in the body. By consciously building an understanding of how organic Gesture manifests in your own physicality, you can gain an understanding of […]

Episode 9: Articulation and Resonance
April 24, 2017

 Achieving strong and focused vocal production is a great first step. To round out our foundation on Voice it’s important to add the ability to intellegibly articulate every syllable. We also want to create the […]

Episode 8: Vocal Production and Soft Palate Focus
March 27, 2017

 The voice is one of our most powerful avenues through which to communicate. We may not always consider it this way, but producing sound is a gymnastic exercise combing several muscle systems in close coordination. […]