The What School Could Be Podcast

The What School Could Be Podcast

88. Laura McBain: Educator, Designer, Leader, Climber, Runner, Futurist

June 25, 2022

“Over her years at High Tech High, Laura McBain (now at the Stanford d.School, K12 Lab) did almost every job it was possible to do - teacher, principal, graduate school instructor. She can hold her own in any conversation about policy, standards, school design, school change. But the most important thing about Laura is she is all about FUN! Having it, creating it, sharing it. She never loses sight of the fact that learning has to be fun to be engaging. She wants learners of all ages to have those "WOW, that's amazing" moments. And she makes them happen, all the time.” ~ Larry Rosenstock, Founder, High Tech High


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