The What School Could Be Podcast

The What School Could Be Podcast

116. Finding the Magic in NuVu, with Saba Ghole

November 20, 2023

The subject of today’s episode is not a school in the traditional definition of the word. It is a learning hub, a learning studio, a series of experiences and creative moments in time, if you will, that lives on the outer edges of education, but should, in my humble opinion, be in the DNA of every public, private and charter school in the US and the world. Today we travel to 450 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge, Massachusetts to see and hear about NuVu Studio, a place so remarkable it could be called the 8th wonder of the education world. To take us through the story of NuVu today we have one of its co-founders, Saba Ghole. At the time of my prep for this episode Saba’s co-founder, Saeed Arida, was in Costa Rica, so we decided that she would be the voice of NuVu’s story for this episode. Saba Ghole is an architect and urban designer turned education and technology entrepreneur. She received her Masters in Urban Design at MIT. As the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of NuVu Studio, Saba leads an innovation center for middle and high school students. NuVu’s focus on creativity and experimentation sets the stage for students to collaborate with experts on projects ranging from new medical technologies to interactive games, brainwave-generated music and art and much, much more.


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