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Part 1 of Home With Sam: Being Taiwanese and Gay + Arab Muslim in New Zealand
July 05, 2020

CW: Grief and Loss I am back! I love this episode so much - a huge thank you to Sam for joining me and sharing. I have split this into two parts and will do my best to get Part 2 up soon. Enjoy!Contents 1. Intro: Sam, one of my dearest friends that was...

Confusion: Love and How to be a Better Ally
June 13, 2020

Contents1. Two announcementsSigning a petition for Breonna Taylor The podcast becoming fortnightly rather than weekly 2. A poem, inspired by the word confusion.3. The definition of the word confusion and a discussion.Confusion romantically Being an ally..

Devastation: Not Justifying it and Learning to Breathe Through It
May 31, 2020

Contents1. A poem, inspired by the word devastation.2. The definition of the word devastation and a discussion.Devastating moments in my life Breathing through devastation Not justifying devastation This too shall pass 3. Quote:“I used to think that...

Colour: Autumn Leaves, Blossoms and the Issue of Race in New Zealand and the USA
May 24, 2020

Contents1. A poem, inspired by the word colour.2. The definition of the word colour and a discussion.The privilege I carry as a pale person of colour Race issues in NZ Race issues in the USA - remembering Kenneth Ross Junior. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud...

Lust in the Middle East, Lust in the West and Female Desire
May 16, 2020

I am a cis, mostly straight woman raised in an Arab household. In this episode, I am speaking from my experience. I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge Asexual folks. This is my experience, but of course, it won't be everyones. Every...

Bonus: Writing Advice, Mental Health, Harry Potter and Journaling With Rima
May 12, 2020

This was part of my LOVE conversation with the lovely Rima where she asked me a few questions about writing. For the sake of making the initial episode not too long, I decided to upload this as a stand-alone bonus. I think this is a wonderful and...

Love: Feminism, Sex, Growing Up, Relationships, Love Languages and Self Love With My Lovely Friend Rima
May 09, 2020

*This the first episode I have ever recorded with a guest remotely. Rima, bless her, was recording during a classic windy Wellington stormy day so at the beginning, the audio is a bit scratchy but please bear with it. It gets better and I am really,...

Greed, Money and the Consequence of Choice
May 04, 2020

Contents1. A poem, inspired by the word greed.2. The definition of the word greed and a discussion.Being greedy for money Being greed for life 3. No quote this week but an announcement - I have my first guest joining me next week, my friend, Rima.4. The..

Sloth, Depression and Why Its Okay to Slow Down
April 27, 2020

Contents 1. A poem, inspired by the word sloth.2. The definition of the word sloth and a discussion.DepressionSlowing down3. A quote by the philosopher Confucius;‘It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.’4. The next word is –...

Wrath and How I Was Stood up
April 21, 2020

Contents1. A poem, inspired by the word wrath.2. The definition of the word wrath and a discussion:- Women having permission to be angry socially - Men having permission to be sad socially - The first time I was stood up3. A quote by the author Eckhart...