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#174 1938 Phantom Corsair! From National Auto Museum to Inaugural Las Vegas Concours!
October 11, 2019

Ahead of It's Time - Cast as the "Flying Wombat" in the 1938 movie Young in Heart, the 38' Phantom Corsair was way ahead of it's time as an incredibly sophisticated rolling work of art and style. Match that spectacular vehicle with 200 other gorgeous ...

#173 IMSA 1969-1989: How John Bishop Built Worlds Greatest Sports Car Racing Series
October 05, 2019

IMSA Was Born - Fifty years ago, a new sanctioning body emerged at a pivotal moment in motorsports history. Racing was on the upswing and new tracks were being built all across the U.S. Imported cars from Europe and Japan were flooding the market,

#172 Driving lllegal?! Transportation Expert “Gridlock Sam” Shares Future of Traffic
September 28, 2019

  - Our Time at the Wheel is Done?! - Driving will become illegal, as human drivers will be demonstrably more dangerous than cars that pilot themselves. Is this an impossible future, or a revolution just around the corner? - Sam Schwartz,

#171 Tool Box Economy of the Modern Day Mechanic
September 17, 2019

The Overwhelm of Tool Box Purchases - How are automotive technicians preparing for their career? Are we overwhelmed with technology? What is the requirement of a modern day toolbox? Auto mechanics are consistently buying specialized tools that they do...

#170 Wayne Carini – Chasing Classic Cars, from Barn Yard Find to Restoration Gem
September 14, 2019

The Wayne Carini Passion - Wayne's passion for cars started when he was a child, working alongside his father on such classics as Duesenbergs, Lincolns, Packards and Ford Model As. Then, at just 9 years of age,

Show #169 Will Buxton, Revealing Hardships of History’s Greatest Race Car Drivers
September 07, 2019

Journalist's Passion Leads to High Profile Digital Platform - A motor racing broadcaster, commentator and journalist, Will Buxton has had the rare pleasure of turning his great passion into something resembling work for the better part of 20 years.

#168 Author Chris Balish: How to Live Well Without a Car!
August 31, 2019

$147,000 dollars - That’s how much money our guest this week, Chris Balish, saved by making one really smart financial decision. His wife Jennifer, has saved more than $54,000 by making the same decision, thus together they’ve saved $200,000.

#167 Steve Saleen: Bringing Race-Proven Performance to the Street
August 25, 2019

The Business of Super Cars - With an incredible race history with the performance design and build of the Saleen Mustang to one of the world's most renowned super cars, the Saleen S7, CEO & Founder Steve Saleen has carved out a reputation that truly r...

#166 Auto Parts Experts Talk Rotating Electric: Tips for Under Hood Success
August 18, 2019

Auto Parts Experts Talk Alternator and Starter Repair

#165 Luxury Car Condos Meets Racetrack
August 11, 2019

The Ultimate Vehicular Hangout There is a quiet movement among car enthusiasts across the country regarding the storage of their prized possessions. Add to that, the serious demand for a club like environment with high end amenities from luxury lounges...