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#278 Character. Courage . Class. Are We Losing These Timeless Traits in the Workplace ?
November 28, 2022

As technology is moving at breakneck speed & the digital realm of communication dictates most of our daily lives -are we losing the very basic timeless traits of character, courage & class? - With Ove

#276 Rock A Billy Culture & Pinstripping : Von Hot Rod
November 23, 2022

A legend within the automotive community, with years of hot rodding running through his veins - Von Hot Rod Valdez can be found at car shows across the country with his distinctive style of pinstripin

#275 The Excitement of EV Tech -But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket? Pete Gruber of Gruber Motor Company
November 13, 2022

The Excitement of EV Tech-But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket? - The technology of electrification has taken a foothold as many of us are gearing up with the latest trainin

#274 Flying Cars & Driverless Tech : The Future of Mobility
October 30, 2022

The future of transportation is evolving faster than we know it. In fact, a few renowned innovation and design experts say that some of the most advanced futuristic concepts in mobility will be here i

#273 If You Had To Sell Your Auto Shop ..Are You Truly Prepared ?
October 24, 2022

After successfully growing from scratch & selling 5 automotive service businesses over the past 25 years ..I can tell you there is an abundance of planning & strategy that not only goes into the numbe

#272 Why Negative Energy is Killing Your Creative Self -Fireball Tim Hollywood Concept Artist & Designer
October 16, 2022

Responsible for over 400 of Hollywood's most famous movie cars FireballTimhas the deep spirit of automotive art and design excitement running through his veins. His latest series of automotive-ins

#271 Why Are Many Automotive Shop Owners Reluctant to Join A 20 Group ?
October 09, 2022

Are 20 Groups & a Shop Coach a Complete Waste of Time? With the majority of independent shop owners across the country totally removed from any level of coaching or interest in seeking out growth from

#270 Latest EV News & ASA Networking Shop2Shop Series : Jeff Buckley Special Guest
October 02, 2022

This year has been ablaze with EV news and advancements in both legal and consumer adaption. In this edition of the show, we will cover the latest news that looks to be fortifying the future of EV's

#268 Are We Burning Out Diesel Technicians ?
September 30, 2022

With the overwhelming amount of technology across the board in the automotive & trucking industry...how are diesel technicians really doing? - Do we risk burning out a whole generation of commercial &

#267 SEMA HS Automotive Build Programs Creating Student Opportunities
September 11, 2022

SEMA HS Build Program As technology underhood is evolving to what is a serious amount of data to interpret and diagnose, how will the future technician be able to comprehend & successfully repair veh