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Wrap Stars

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Wrap Stars - Sticker Shock
February 17, 2019

Customers are often thrown back when finding out the cost of a wrap for their personal vehicle.   We lovingly call this "Sticker Shock". Sometimes, they wish to attempt to try to wrap their vehicle themselves in order to save some money... So we

Social Media Content & Brand Building
February 03, 2019

Building a brand is tough.  It takes time and lots and lots of great content pushed consistently through multiple platforms (like this podcast).  Here I chat about some of the strategies I use to maintain a strong community with deep organic rea

Wrap Stars - Failures in the First Year
February 02, 2019

To start things off, I dive DEEP into the failures of my first year in business.  Running WrapAbility has been full of issues which have nearly crippled me along the way.  Everything from material failures to hiring and firing to almost closing