Worship Interludes - Piano Instrumentals for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, Relaxation, Study,

Worship Interludes - Piano Instrumentals for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, Relaxation, Study,

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Soul Searching | Piano Instrumental Music [Episode 183, October 15, 2019]
October 15, 2019

“Soul Searching” – Episode 183 of the Worship Interludes Podcast I woke up this morning at 5:00 AM for my Tuesday morning workout with my F3 buddies. It was raining outside but headed out to the workout location knowing there was a covered area that we...

Holiness | Piano Background Music for Prayer [Episode 182, October 11, 2019]
October 11, 2019

“Holiness” – Piano Instrumental Background Music for Prayer, Devotion, Soaking Worship, Meditation, and Relaxation To listen ad-free with no introduction bumper, become one of my Patron Supporters on Patreon.Com!

Grace and Peace | Piano Interlude [Episode 181, October 8, 2019]
October 08, 2019

“Grace and Peace” – Solo Piano Improvisation “Grace and Peace” is a way that I often sign my emails. I think it’s a beautiful gift to extend to someone. We could all use more grace and peace in our lives. This piece is a simple piano improvisation in t...

Faithful | Piano Instrumental [Episode 180, October 3, 2019]
October 03, 2019

“Faithful” – A Piano Instrumental Interlude by Fred McKinnon Today’s improvisational interlude is based around a constant droning of a tonic pad. The “Tonic Pad” is simply a sustained hold of the root and fifth notes of the key. In this song,

Morning Stillness | Piano Interlude [Episode 179, September 25, 2019]
September 25, 2019

“Morning Stillness” – Piano Improvisation for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, Relaxation Today’s piano improvisation is called “Morning Stillness”. This was one of those mornings where I have what feels like thousands of tasks to accomplish.

Pause to Pray | Piano Instrumental [Episode 178, September 19, 2019]
September 19, 2019

“Pause to Pray” – Instrumental Music for Prayer, Meditation, & Reflection One of the roadblocks that hinders people from taking time to pray, meditate, or reflect is time. For some reason, we feel that we need to block off a long block of time for it t...

Waves of Mercy | Extended Play [Episode 177, September 10, 2019]
September 10, 2019

“Waves of Mercy” – Extended Play Instrumental Music with Stunning Ocean Waves Videography I love the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing along the shore. There is something incredibly peaceful about the tides, the waves,

Warmth of Light | Piano Instrumental [Episode 176, September 6, 2019]
September 06, 2019

“Warmth of Light” – Soothing, Peaceful Piano Instrumental Music This morning’s interlude is a peaceful solo piano improvisation with a simple melody. As I was recording in my home studio this morning I could feel the warmth of the sunlight bursting thr...

Calm | Piano Instrumental [Episode 175, September 3, 2019]
September 03, 2019

“Calm” – Solo Piano Instrumental Music Improvisation Today’s episode of the Worship Interludes Podcast is called “Calm”. Today is Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019. Hurricane Dorian is lurking far off the coast, hammering the Bahamas for two straight days.

Rest At the Altar | Music for Prayer & Meditation [Episode 174, August 28, 2019]
August 28, 2019

“Rest At the Altar” – Instrumental Music Today’s improvisational interlude is a simple, extended soundtrack of acoustic piano layered with pads and textures. Rather than having an identifiable melody, this piece sustains chords and progressions making ...