Hybrid Work Models & Productivity with Dan George from JumpCrew

October 28, 2022

The “cat,” as they say, is out of the bag…people want flexibility, and a lot of people thrive with a structure in place that respects their needs and meets them where they are in their life. Some companies have a strong structure in place with no or limited flexibility. Some companies have little structure and lots of flexibility. Then, there are companies like JumpCrew with a strong structure, strong flexibility, and a team that rallies behind them.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, JumpCrew is a sales and marketing agency whose culture of empowerment has grown them from 2 people to 400 employees in less than 5 years! 

While many companies fighting a losing battle trying to keep employees in the office, shops like JumpCrew have embraced the hybrid work model. Their 3:2 structure allows employees to work from home Monday and Friday, and bring their best self to the office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The results are simple, it’s working. Not only has JumpCrew built a culture that finds the middle ground where their team can thrive, but they are also increasing their revenue and hiring for growth.

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