C-StoreMaster’s Sharan Kalva on How to Scale a Business Using Technology

October 21, 2022

Today on The Human Factor we are joined by Sharan Kalva, President of C-Store Master, a family-owned distribution company serving over 10,000 community stores, from the largest chains in the country to tiny mom-and-pop shops. 

After Sharan picked up his engineering degree, he stepped into the family business. By utilizing a defined strategy that focuses on technology and people and how they intertwine, he’s grown the company from 35 employees to over 180 and had a 12x revenue growth over the last 4 years. 

More robots do not equal less people.

C-Store Masters now operates out of the highest-tech warehouse in the United States, which they built from the ground up. But this fully-automated, 135,000-square-foot warehouse has not stopped Sharan from growing his team. Not only has it made them more efficient, but has also allowed them to pay their people better and redirect their focus to DEI and hiring for a culture that encourages employee satisfaction.

“We want our people happy and we want our customers happy and I think there is an absolute correlation between that.”

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