#53 - Taking Risks with Kim Bui

October 30, 2019

In this special episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kim Bui, owner of Miss B's Vietnamese Food Truck and Catering.

Kim and I spoke on several topics including: growing up in the Little Saigon community of Southern California, searching for Vietnamese food in the states, teaching in Vietnam, and pursuing her dream of starting a Vietnamese food truck. Kim leads as an example of a person who takes risks. Her passion for food and family is contagious and she makes a phenomenal bo kho!


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Kim grew up in the Little Saigon community of Southern California eating her mom’s delicious traditional Vietnamese meals every evening. She fondly remembers serving as her mom’s “prep cook” on early weekend mornings preparing for large family gatherings by: wrapping hundreds of egg rolls, folding freshly steamed rice crepes, deveining countless shrimp, slicing meat for soups, washing herbs from the garden, and chopping veggies. She has carried these cooking skills with her into adulthood, and the distance and years since her upbringing in Little Saigon hasn’t diminished her appetite and enthusiasm for Vietnamese food. Kim’s goal for Miss B’s Vietnamese Food Truck is to share her life-long passion and love of good Vietnamese food with her community in Denver.